A New Season of Preparation

Today is what is called “Ash Wednesday” in church tradition.  It is a day when Christians have been called to recognize their mortality, their frailty, and more importantly their depravity.  Whether literally or figuratively we put on the ash that is a mark of our sad and fallen nature.  It is a time of profound realization that we desperately need a Savior.

This day is also the beginning of the season called “Lent.”  Much like Advent, it is a season of preparation.  Now, it has for many seemingly been relegated to 40 days of ‘giving things up.’ So, you might decide to not partake of x, y, or z during this season.  But, if all you do is give something up with no real meaning to why, then that really seems to be more about you than about Jesus. (Maybe that’s just me).

So, let me encourage you to give something up if you want to, or to start something up if you want to. But, whatever you do, mark something in your life that every time  you don’t do it, or do it, it will cause you to think about Jesus.  Let this be forty days when we take time to be amazed that Jesus gave His life to pay the debt of our sin.  Let this be forty days when we truly prepare our hearts to rejoice that He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed.  Let this be a season that whether giving something up or doing something new, we take the time to be reminded each day that we have a story to tell.  We have a Savior to proclaim. We have a Lord to follow.

Make your heart ready to celebrate Easter (you have 40 days), your time begins…NOW!

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