The Invite

After writing a recent post encouraging you to be an inviter I began thinking about a possible misunderstanding that could arise.  It would be a mistake if we began to think of the invite as something aimed at getting people to attend something.  Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be asking those around us to come to Antioch Gathered, Family Group, or a Bible Study, but I am saying that our invite should not be to the “event.”

When we invite others we are inviting them first and foremost to Jesus.  If He is the focus and center of our lives and gospel community then we are always inviting others to meet Him or know Him better. That is what intentional gospel relationships are all about. As a part of that invitation we are inviting others to us. What I mean is that, as the body of Christ, we are a tangible expression of who Christ is and how He works in the lives of His people. So, to invite others to Christ we invite them to come see His body in action.  So, our invite to any activity of the church is simply a way to invite them to engage the people of God.

Wow, I think that last bit was a long road to a short point. I want to invite and want you to invite people to be with us! They need to know the love of the people of God.  They need to see the amazing and transforming grace of the gospel displayed among Christ’s people. So again, the invite is not just to an event, but so much more.

So, will you join me in sharing the invite with those that God puts in your path?  Invite them to come and see Jesus and His people.

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