The Inviter

So, I just had a cool conversation with a friend.  He isn’t a part of Antioch (he is faithful to another church family), but knows many of us who are.  He is aware of how God is at work among us and has a great appreciation for that.

He told me a about a family that he is close to. Recently they talked about finding a church that would be a fit for them. He strongly suggested they come to Antioch (for a host of reasons). So, they plan to come this week! How cool is that.

Here’s what I thought about though. Are we inviters? Are we faithfully sharing the story of what God is doing at Antioch with our friends and neighbors? Are we inviting our friends to come worship with us or share in Family Group with us? I hope so.

It’s such a blessing to see how God is at work, but it’s also easy to be comfortable with where we are and with those already a part of the family. But, God has so much more for us ahead.  There are neighbors, friends, and those we have never met who God desires us to impact for the gospel.  So, I’m recommitting today to be a better ‘inviter.’ I want to be intentional about sharing the story and opening the door to what God is doing among us, so that others can connect and see that He is an awesome and glorious God who loves His people.

Will you commit with me to be an intentional ‘inviter?’

One last thought, don’t let the word ‘invite’ be mistaken for the idea that we aren’t going, building relationship, or meeting people where they are. The goal is not to be just about hooking people into an attractional gathering.  No, we are about gathering large, grouping small, and going to share the story.  ALL three of these are a part of our calling.  So be an ‘inviter’ in all three areas.

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