We pursue intentional gospel relationships to display Christ’s glory among the nations.

Defining our terms:

We pursue:

A gathering of baptized covenant believers, called Antioch Church, located in Louisville, KY choosing to be active, forward, risk‐taking, and passionate


Strategically seeking to thoughtfully engage the lost and saved within the context of a multi‐ethnic community displaying a willingness to sacrifice personally and corporately until Jesus returns.


The bad news that while we were created in God’s image, we as mankind chose to rebel and pursue our own way, BUT thankfully the good news that God being rich in mercy has rescued us through the person and work of Jesus Christ, who came from heaven, lived a perfect life, died on a cross as our substitute, was buried, rose again on the third day and now contends on our behalf before the Father. Gospel transformation is through the power of the Holy Spirit and is received by faith and repentance. Gospel transformation affects all areas of our lives and will be working in us until the end of days.


At the heart of the gospel is relationship. Believing that God has created us for community, gospel living is most effectively initiated and developed as we are connected with one another as the family of God. Contextualization cannot occur outside of relationships.


To reflect, expose, and make tangible.


We are possessed and propelled by Christ. He is at the center of our lives and is the Head of His church. He is the perfect reflection of the glory of the Godhead.


God is wonderful, magnificent, and omni‐all things good. He is complete and abundant in all aspects of who He is and what He does. He does not need us. He is at the center of all things.


Gospel living is incarnational living.


God’s heart is for the peoples of the world. He created them, He died for them, He seeks them, and He has commissioned us to love them. The beauty and needs of those uniquely created by God compels us to be with people of all tongues, tribes and nations, both in our immediate context and around the globe.